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Anew Complete Shorter Poetry

by Louis Zukofsky

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Aside from the fact that Zukofsky's short poems are intensely individual and their energy sings in a new way, they move in a circular path 'so that we may think in our time.' Indeed they seem to move in all directions at once – each of the smallest and the most quiet a field of magnetic force.

—Lorine Niedecker

A gathering of all of Zukofsky's poems outside of "A"––poems that are "absolute clarification, crystal cabinets full of air and angels" (Kenneth Rexroth).

Anew Complete Shorter Poetry

Poetry by Louis Zukofsky

Here is the complete music-filled arc of Louis Zukofsky’s shorter verse collected in one volume: lyrical love poems written to his wife Celia and son Paul; the groundbreaking "Poem Beginning ’The’," which sends up ’The Waste Land’ and its cultural vision in a cloud of bricolage, a hilarious pastiche of quotes, canon and kitsch, high and low hopelessly intertwined" (Michael Palmer); the boisterous, riotous translations of Catallus; spare, brilliant nature poems as if written by an ancient hokku master; his genius "’Mantis’" sestina; the enigmatic, spiraling, and beautiful last poems, "80 Flowers." Anew: Complete Shorter Poetry is a book of blessings and gifts for any poetry lover.

published January 1st, 2001