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Selected Writings Of Paul Valery

by Paul Valery

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This selection from representative works of the great French poet-philosopher is based on the Paris Morceaux Choisis volume, which was assembled by Valery himself. It begins with the poetry (French and English en face), including such masterpieces as "Le Cimetiêre Marin" and portions of "La Jeune Parque"; then ranges through Valery’s work in fields as various as architecture, logic, the dance, literature, philosophy, and painting. It concludes with excerpts from his creative writings such as Monsieur Teste and the drama Man Faust. The list of translators for this volume is distinguished. Among them are Lionel Abel, Léonie Adams, Malcolm Cowley, James Kirkup, C. Day Lewis, Jackson Mathews, Louise Varèse, and Vernon Watkins.

Selected Writings Of Paul Valery

Fiction by Paul Valery

published June 1st, 1964