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She is one of the few writers writing in English that I would read anything she wrote.

—Susan Sontag

Anne Carson's haunting and beautiful Nox is her first book of poetry in five years – a unique, illustrated, accordion-fold-out "book in a box."


Poetry by Anne Carson

Nox is an epitaph in the form of a book, a facsimile of a handmade book Anne Carson wrote and created after the death of her brother. The poem describes coming to terms with his loss through the lens of her translation of "Poem 101" by Catallus "for his brother who died in the Troad." Nox is a work of poetry, but arrives as a fascinating and unique physical object. Carson pasted old letters, family photos, collages and sketches on pages. The poems, typed on a computer, were added to this illustrated "book" creating a visual and reading experience so amazing as to open up our concept of poetry.

published April 1st, 2009
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