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Gogol’s Wife & Other Stories

by Tommaso Landolfi

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The publication of Gogol’s Wife and Other Stories is an occasion for joy, comparable to the belated recent translation and discovery by the English-reading public of Machado de Assis and Jorgue Luis Borges.

—Susan Sontag

With this collection of stories by Tommaso Landolfi, drawn from his volumes published in Italy over the last 25 years, New Directions is proud to be able to introduce here one of the most extraordinary writers of our day. Much admired in Europe, Landolfi has been called "the Italian Kafka"; he is often linked with the Surrealists, and in the intellectual quality of his fantasy there are certain affinities with Borges; but beyond these superficial comparisons, his is a truly unique––and fascinating––art. It is based in a prodigious imagination, a very curious sense of humor and a rare command of irony. The translations are by Raymond Rosenthal, John Longrigg and Wayland Young.

Gogol’s Wife & Other Stories

Fiction by Tommaso Landolfi

published October 1st, 1963