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His dazzling, inventive language, his tragic yet unquenchable vision, make Kamau Brathwaite one of the most compelling of late twentieth-century poets.

—Adrienne Rich

The startling new work by internationally celebrated Caribbean poet, historian and cultural theorist Kamau Brathwaite, winner of the 2006 Griffin Poetry Prize.

Ds (2)

Poetry by Kamau Brathwaite

In DS (2)Dreamstories 2—Kamau Brathwaite continues his ongoing collection of prose poems, comprised of the broken images, flow, and half-told stories of dreams. The poetic stories in DS (2) use Brathwaite’s trademark sycorax video style, offering personal revelations mixed with political and historical fables occurring around the globe. Brathwaite’s prose poems relate with ardency and pathos the Caribbean experience and are a potent voice of the African diaspora. Nathaniel Mackey wrote: "Kamau Brathwaite’s ’calibanic play’ reveals a fiendish delight in the slippage to which words are prone." And American Book Review wrote: "In its rhythms as well as its explorations of ’nation language’ and of the traces of an African past, this is a populist work." This exciting new offering by Kamau Brathwaite follows on the heels of the publication of Brathwaite’s Born to Slow Horses, which won the coveted 2006 Griffin Poetry Prize. "To read Kamau Brathwaite is to enter into an entire world of human histories and natural histories, beautiful landscapes and their destruction, children’s street songs, high lyricism, court documents, personal letters, literary criticism, sacred rites, eroticism and violence, the dead and the undead, confession and reportage...Brathwaite has invented a new linguistic music for subject matter that is all his own."—Citation for the 2006 Griffin Poetry Prize

published April 1st, 2007
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