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City Gate, Open Up

by Bei Dao

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The soul of post-Mao poetry, Bei Dao reveals in this intimate, lyrical memoir a China that still haunts us with its brutal past and aching humanity. Like Balzac's Paris, Dickens' London, and Pushkin's St. Petersburg, Bei Dao's Beijing is a microcosm caught in a time warp, forever titillating our imagination.

—Yunte Huang, Editor of The Big Red Book of Modern Chinese Literature

A magical, impressionistic autobiography by China's legendary poet Bei Dao

City Gate, Open Up

Nonfiction by Bei Dao

translated from the Chinese by Jeffrey Yang

In 2001, to visit his sick father, China's legendary poet Bei Dao returned to his homeland for the first time in over eleven years. The city of his birth, however, had totally changed. "Everything was difficult to recognize, nothing familiar," he writes: “I was a foreigner in my hometown.” The shock of this experience released a flood of memories and emotions that sparked City Gate, Open Up.

In this lyrical autobiography of growing up—from the birth of the People’s Republic, through the chaotic years of the Great Leap Forward, and on into the Cultural Revolution—Bei Dao uses his extraordinary gifts as a poet and storyteller to create another Beijing, a beautiful memory palace of endless alleyways, where personal narrative mixes with momentous history. At the center of his story is his family—his parents and two siblings—and their everyday life together through famine and festival, sorrow and laughter.

published April 25th, 2017