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Pound, transcreating Chinese poetry in English, seems to have anticipated that making it new in our endless, inescapable present would increasingly mean returning to the old.

—Pankaj Mishra, The New York Times Book Review

The centennial edition of Ezra Pound's early poetic masterpiece.

Cathay Centennial Edition

by Ezra Pound

Edited by
with a contribution by Mary de Rachewiltz

First published in 1915, Cathay, Ezra Pound's early monumental work, originally contained fourteen translations from the Chinese and a translation of the Anglo-Saxon poem "The Seafarer." In 1916, Cathay was reprinted in Pound's book Lustra without "The Seafarer" and with four more Chinese poems.

Cathay was greatly indebted to the notes of Ernest Fenollosa, a Harvard-trained scholar. "In Fenollosa's Chinese poetry materials," the noted scholar Zhaoming Qian writes, "Pound discovered a new model that at once mirrored and challenged his developing poetics." This centennial edition reproduces the text of the original publication along with the added poems from Lustra and transcripts of the relevant Fenollosa notes and Chinese texts. Also included is a new foreword by Ezra Pound's daughter Mary de Rachewitz, rich with fascinating background material on this essential work of Pound's oeuvre.

published January 4th, 2016