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Profound, relentlessly beautiful, this exceptional book catches fire again and again. One runs with it as across a bed of coals, unable to look away, unable to stop for an instant, even to take a breath. Breathtaking, yes, and unceasingly blazing.

—Rikki Ducornet

An unforgettable, sensual novel by "one of the most gifted and accomplished poets of his generation" (Mark Rudman).

As a Friend

Fiction by Forrest Gander

Set in a rural landscape as vivid as its characters, As a Friend tells the story of a gifted young man, a land surveyor, whose impact on those around him provokes intense self-examination and charged eroticism. With poetic insight, Gander explores the nature of attraction, betrayal, and loyalty. Beautifully written and suffused with a pastoral nostalgia, As a Friend is brilliant in style and unsettling.

published September 1st, 2008