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Antigonick (Sophokles)

by Anne Carson

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For two decades her work has moved–phrase by phrase, line by line, project by improbable project–in directions that a human brain would never naturally move. The approach has won her awards, accolades, and an electric reputation in the literary world.

—Sam Anderson, The New York Times Magazine

Here in paperback is Anne Carson’s stunning translation of Sophokles’s luminous and disturbing tragedy, given entirely fresh language and new life

Antigonick (Sophokles)

Poetry by Anne Carson

translated by Anne Carson

Anne Carson has published translations of the ancient Greek poets Sappho, Simonides, Aiskhylos, Sophokles and Euripides. Antigonick is her seminal work. This paperback edition includes a new preface by the author, “Dear Antigone.” 

published May 29th, 2015