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[Mayer] writes as if everything were still possible in the work of a lifetime at the coincidence of all the turvy moments.

Clark Coolidge

"Truly this is the best How To book I’ve read in years. Bernadette Mayer makes a various world of real people in real times and places, a fact of love and loving use. She has impeccable insight and humor. She is a consummate poet no matter what’s for supper or who eats it. Would that all genius were as generous." – Robert Creeley


Be strong Bernadette

Nobody will ever know

I came here for a reason

Perhaps there is a life here

Of not being afraid of your own heart beating

Do not be afraid of your own heart beating

Look at very small things with your eyes

& stay warm


From "The Way to Keep Going in Antarctica"

A Bernadette Mayer Reader

Poetry by Bernadette Mayer

published May 1st, 1992