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The Man Who Steel Our Hearts in Robben Island

Living in this solitude
surrounded by its waters
whales conquistadores voyagers

Quarrying each day and every day
into the hard blind limestone blisters
of yr memory  .  re-

membering everything until it seem
like nothing.  whirling whispers 
the art of how forgiveness is revenge

The engines of yr heart
work through the past & present
far into dreaming night

And you will walk one day Mandela
at last w/Zanyiwe Madikizela at yr side
yr hammer fist of stone upright in

triumph & salute into the blazing future
Even tho .   in this iconic monument
there is no absolute

<7, 18 december 2013>

* * *

Kamau Brathwaite is a Barbadian poet. His latest collections include Elegguas (2010) and DS (2): Dreamstories (2007).