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On Publication Day, All Things Queneau


Today is the official publication day of our new, expanded, anniversary edition of Raymond Queneau’s groundbreaking experimental "novel" Exercises in Style

This new edition has a few special features. First, the beautiful new (old) cover. Second, pieces written by Queneau that, for whatever reason, were left out of the original edition but have now been translated (by Chris Clarke) and added at the end. And third, homage pieces written by some contemporary writers, all of them proven stylists in their own right. A lot of these new exercises, by Queneau and his progeny, have been excerpted, and links are below. Translator Chris Clarke has also been discussing Queneau with OuLiPo member Daniel Levin Becker (author of Many Subtle Channels) here on our website. Of course there are already some reviews and appreciations of the book, too, and we’ll update this post as more arise.

There’s also an event in the works. Stay tuned.

Once you’ve whet your appetite, you can find buying options here.

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The Paris Review Daily — "Definitional" by Raymond Queneau

The Believer — "Instructions" by Jesse Ball and "Epistolary" by Queneau

The Brooklyn Rail — "For Zeu French" by Harry Mathews; "Assistance" by Shane Jones; "Set Theory" and "I Accuse" by Queneau

The Rumpus — "Cyberpunk" by Jonathan Lethem and "How the Game Is Played" by Queneau

Gigantic — "Science Fiction" by Queneau

The New Inquiry — "Promotional" by Queneau

Tin House — "Metaphors and Binocular Vision" by Queneau

The Paris Review Daily — "Contingencies" by Lynne Tillman

The New Inquiry — "Viscera" by Amelia Gray

Gigantic — "Nothing" by Ben Marcus

Tin House — "Beat" by Frederic Tuten


Chris Clarke & Daniel Levin Becker Discussion:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



The New Inquiry

The Huffington Post

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The illustration of the cover, by the way, is by artist Jenn Witte, and can be see, along with many other illustrations of book covers and much more, on her tumblr