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New Kamau Brathwaite Poem: “Human Nature”

Barbardian poet Kamau Brathwaite sent us this new poem, "Human Nature," in homage to a 1990 Miles Davis performance (video below). In Kamau’s own words: 

 "Human Nature" (Hamburg Germany 30 July 1990. Miles Davis (May 1926-Sept 1991) just a year before he dead . from a 1982 Michaael Jackson tune. Miles’ solo of the poem ends at 6:10 of the 13:16 min video . w/a glass of water. Note also the duet ghostdance Miles (tpt)/Joe McCreary (gtr) during the poem and how Kenny Garrett (flt) at 1:56-2:07 is a Renaissance Angel of Annunciation KB/CP 13 Nov 2012. This format 17/25 Nov 2012