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‘Microscripts’ as Wallpaper

Truth is we’ve been dying to find a reason to talk about the newly relaunched version of The Chicagoan, a beautifully produced and brilliantly edited magazine that published its first issue back in early March. It’s gotten attention from far and wide, including The Chicago Tribune, Time Out Chicago, The Economist, and The Millions. Having finally gotten my hands on a copy, I have to say that the praise is much deserved.

I was in Chicago a few weeks ago and spent a couple of hours with J.C. Gabel, the magazine’s editor-in-chief and main driving force. At some point he asked if I’d seen pictures of their newsstand. When I told him I hadn’t, he pulled out his digital camera and showed me the pictures you see below. That is indeed an old fashioned (and portable) newsstand that they constructed themselves and which they set up in spots all over Chicago to sell their first issue directly to readers on the street. And yes, the pages decorating the newsstand are taken from a copy of Robert Walser’s Microscripts, sacrificed for the greater good. We of course think it’s a thing of wondrous beauty, and a tremendous compliment as well. So thanks, J.C. 





By the way, we’re doing a paperback edition of Microscripts — with illustrations by Maira Kalman — in the fall, which you can see in our latest catalog