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Awesome Author Photos: H.D.

I’ve somehow neglected to write one of these posts for a couple of months, though it’s certainly not for a lack of inspiration. Sometimes it simply takes a nudge from an unexpected source.

Take this morning, for example, when an H.D. scholar — spurred by our recent publication of a new edition of her classic Tribute to Freud — emailed to ask for photographs she could use for a relaunch of a site dedicated to the poet and author. Digging through our files, I found the incredible shot you see below, taken in Egypt in 1923. 


There is nothing I don’t like about this. Her hat and scarf. The cuffs on her sleeves. The background. Whatever it is she’s holding in her hand (a feather? a palm frond?). And that calm, stern expression in her eyes. I’m of the belief that a shot like this — wherein the subject is caught looking off screen (if you will) instead of at the camera — reveals much more about the person’s character than a posed portrait, and this is exhibit A on my behalf.