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New Directions is proud to serve the academic community with many new international literature and poetry titles, and one of the finest literary backlists in American publishing. We aim to publish our books in affordable editions for students. We offer free reading guides that can be used by educators, reading groups, or individual readers. In addition, New Directions publishes anthologies of world literature that provide a great way to introduce students to a variety of contemporary writing.

Desk and Examination Copies

When requesting a desk copy please including all of the following information. Name of the professor and a mailing address*
Course name and expected enrollment
Book title, author, and ISBN As a general rule of thumb, if the title you're looking for isn't listed on our website, then it's most likely out of print for one of a variety of reasons. Emails must come from an official university account, and all information should be in the body of the email ( no attachments). Please submit your requests to, and allow up to three weeks for these requests to be processed.

*Desk copies cannot be sent directly to a professor's home.


New Directions' books are distributed by WW Norton & Company. Please contact Norton directly for all orders.U.S. Booksellers: To set up an account, please contact the W.W. Norton warehouse at 1800-233-4830.International Booksellers: Please refer to W.W.Norton's list of
international representatives.Independent bookstores can contact New Directions directly. Please write to Mieke Chew at